Beautician Training


I have run a training company of my own as Managing Director within the motor industry since 1995.


At the same time I have also been working to qualify in as many new areas of beauty treatment  as I could and gain a Diploma of competence in every area of beauty treatment that i challenged, including Pregnancy Massage and Oncology therapy for patients dealing with the challenge of Cancer.


I initially researched online because I wanted to add more courses to my own portfolio, expanding my skills and becoming an expert in my field.


Having now completed this challenge I feel now is the right time for me to pass on my beauty experience and tips I have gained over the years and to train students in a way they would like to be trained.

I really look forward to meeting you, passing on my knowledge and expertise and help you to become certified.


For more information on Training please visit our Training Courses section of this website.

"Amazing tutor. Definitely recommend for any training. Will be back. Heaps of confidence and advice"

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